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About Us

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Our journey as parents started when our son came in to our life. As every parent does, we had been shopping for him since we came to know that we were pregnant. We are frequent online shopper. We understand how exciting it is to shop for our young family members while keeping an eye on our budgets and finances. This store is our effort to offer stylish, trendy Mom & Kids clothing and accessories yet keeping it affordable for all the parents out there.

We are family owned and operated online store. We provide hands on support and advice to all parents during their shopping and we keep our team personally involved in each step of the process from order to delivery. We are strong believers in customer service due to our background and constantly work to achieve highest level of satisfaction. You can contact us any time through Facebook Message, Instagram or contact us page. 

Congratulations for being part of the most rewarding job as a parent and happy shopping.


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